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Smart Cities

Smart Cities Exhibition

Tagnya exhibition in its ninth session sponsored by the Libyan telecom holding company is characterized by the layout of a hall presentation (smart cities) aims to shed light on building and constructing smart cities, considering that cities are countries’ economic center of gravity. Cities contribute to the GDP by 70% of the total economy.

By adopting the development of communication and information technology, all countries seek to complete building and constructing smart cities and facing all the challenges and finding solutions by decelerating digital transformation in all government departments and economic and legal tools in various service sectors and the creation of projects in the form of smart planning for advanced infrastructure, in order to improve lifestyle and quality services for citizens.

So, the initiative of the Libyan holding company for communications was to allocate an area of the technology exhibition and the announcement of the launch of the smart cities platform under the slogan (smart sustainable cities technology) to enable the opportunity for a large number of participants at all levels to showcase many projects and innovations and the exchange of ideas and research on the development technical level in terms of developing the communication infrastructure and spreading the -government culture and raising the service level of the citizen cities and their projects.

The Exhibition
A hall dedicated to simulating the smart city will be designed and equipped by employing technologies and models that justify a number of Libyan cities in their stages of development and the harmony of their transformation, taking into account the preservation of their heritage, passing through urban planning, smart infrastructure, uses of green energy and a number of innovations that contribute to finding integrated solutions. The exhibition includes many companies, houses of expertise and institutions, displaying their projects and methods of building and managing smart cities.