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About The Exhibition

In its tenth edition, TAQNYA expo will showcase many local technical projects, all of which support institutional digital transformation, as well as provide a supportive environment that enhances partnership between various technical sectors, and provides participants with irreplaceable opportunities to strengthen relationships and ties, and joint cooperation, to advance the information and communications technology sector, and enhance growth of the Libyan economy.

A technology exhibition that will bring together leading technology companies from different countries, major companies, organizations and local technical institutions, and provides a space to introduce them and their services, exchange knowledge and experiences among them, and establish commercial and cooperative links, and will launch many technical events and activities, such as workshops, dialogue sessions and discussion panels. , which raises some contemporary technical issues, and enriches the local technical content.

Why participate in TAQNYA expo?

  • Opportunities to make deals with visiting buyers from morethan 18 foreign countries
  • Showcasing new innovative and technological products to the ICT community
  • A series of sponsorships and brands to maximize your brand exposure
  • Join your competitors from around the world in TAQNYA2023

Taqnya 2023 Objectives

The unprecedented investments of the telecommunications sector in strategic projects, require deep knowledge about the most important available and future technical solutions. From this standpoint, many goals were set for the Taqnya 2023 in its eleventh session.
Adoption of digital transformation projects
Adopting advanced technologies in the telecommunications sector
Building a smart community (4SC-2025)
Embodiment of smart cities and modern technologies used in them
Participation of local experts andinternational technical specialists

Exhibition Activities

Official opening ceremony
Panel sessions
Telecommunications Innovators Competition
Launch new services
TAQNYA Championship for e-sports
Scientific seminars and lectures
Technology Entrepreneurship & Startups Expo.
B2B – B2C – B2G meetings
Introducing 4SC strategies
Advertising and media programs specialized in the elecommunications sector
Striking an agreementsand contracts

Exhibition Booking form