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Taqnya 2021 is arranged as the supreme and exclusive networking event for telecommunication executives to discuss most relevant subjects to the telecoms sector; it will also address the latest developments and technology in the field, and it will undoubtedly alter nearly every industry we know in the future.

This year, Taqnya 2021 is a four-day event focused on emerging tech trends, strategies, and technologies worldwide through an international exhibition, a discussion panel and workshops.

Taqnya 2021 

The telecommunications industry continues to be at the epicentre of development and innovation for nearly any industry.

In recent years, the telecommunications sector has changed dramatically and substantially. Some of these modifications lead to extra growth opportunities for companies operating in this sector, such as 5G development.

Why Exhibit?

During the three days of this event, exhibitors can establish new business connections, monitor the interest of innovative products and services, create new distribution channels, sales channels and strengthen corporate images.

  • All prospective customers at a single event (B2B) just one investment to meet fresh customers from various application industries. 

  • Be a component of our demo fields: technical demonstrations and workshops to improve your company’s uniqueness and knowledge.

  • Get the opportunity to show your products and, at best, introduce your technology to clients.

Why Visit?

If you’re a business owner, you can benefit from our panel discussions and workshops: incredible networking, knowledge exchange, and business empowerment.

TAQNYA 2021 is The most considerable communication and technology event in Libya and North Africa. It is the best opportunity to discover the latest tech strategies, new services, discoveries, and innovations that will help you find the right solutions for your business.

If you’re a tech enthusiast, a student, or a young professional with great ambition, visit us and get inspired by our international exhibit with more than 120 major tech companies, government entities, and next-generation startups.

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The exhibition catalogue is distributed during the event and offers various advertising options to suit all budgets. The exhibition guide is the most powerful marketing tool in the event, where it is provided to all pre-registered visitors and guests of workshops, speakers and VIPS. The official exhibition guide offers a variety of advertising and promotion opportunities for brands.

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Exhibition Catalogue Form

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