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Startup Forum

Startup Forum


Small and medium projects are among the most important pillars of the local economy of each country and usually represent the major priority for countries strategies as many countries have become more aware of their importance, and small and medium projects represent more than 70% of the total OECD projects. Therefore, it was necessary for all countries to launch many initiatives and incentive programs for long-term entrepreneurs to maintain economic growth, provide job opportunities, and create a spirit of leadership and self-sufficiency among young people and owners of companies and small and medium enterprises. After these projects, the last ten years have expanded to include many sectors such as retail, information technology and tourism. Accordingly, the initiative of the Libyan Telecom Holding Company (LIPTIC) to announce the organization of:

Startup Forum for Smart Communications:

it provides opportunities for many owners of small and medium projects to participate in the framework of LIPTIC goals to support and develop the telecommunications sector by stimulating and encouraging an environment for national innovation in the field of communications and information technology, we hope that you will find in this work program a beginning of cooperation between us to make this forum a success, thank you for your confidence, competencies and experiences of Wahaexpo company in organizing this event under your patronage.

Forum Objectives:

  • Supporting and developing micro-enterprises and innovations in the field of communications and informatics in all disciplines.
  • Incubating and developing micro-enterprises in the field of phone applications and service systems.
  • Development strategies and expanding the scope of participation for innovative micro-enterprises and sponsoring them.
  • Building a base for pioneers (scientific-service industrial-economic) Small and medium enterprises.
  • Investment and corporate opportunities, exchanging experiences, creating a basic platform for applications, and ways to activate and employ them scientifically and commercially.
  • Expanding the scope of knowledge and spreading a culture of respect, development and innovation among interested youth and pioneers.

Forum Activities:

  • Awards Announcement Ceremony
  • Workshops
  • Exhibition
  • Conference